Thursday, September 5, 2013

How to protect your computer from virus attack

Some effective steps to protect your computer from virus attack

how to protect your computer from virus attack
Virus can attack your computer in different ways eg. internet, software or pen drive. We should use anti-virus to defend virus attack. Although it is the best way, but you can implement some simple tasks to keep save your pc from virus and malware. Here some of them :
  • Update your anti-virus on occasion.
  • Scan the hard disk drives.
  • Scan the pen drive before using it.
  • Don't click directly any file inside the pen drive to open it. First click to folder option and then open it from left side.
  • Delete the temporary files.
  • Don't click the links inside your spam mail box, delete them.
  • You should not enter all kind of sites.
  • Don't open the mails coming from unknown sites, they may contain virus.
  • You should not install unnecessary software.
By implementing these steps it is possible to save your computer.

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